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Respect my privacy! Please?

Well, it’s that time of year again! The annual privacy notices start coming. Including this one, that many people post thinking it’ll somehow secure their Facebook accounts.


FB Privacy notice hoax
By re-posting this ‘notice’, you’re accepting this supposed attorney’s advice. Some ‘attorney’ you don’t know. Some ‘attorney’ who doesn’t have your interests in mind because you’re not their client in the first place. How do you know the advice is sound? Well, you don’t….
Because this advice is bogus. It’s a hoax, and posting it does nothing but tell the bad guys you’re a good target. Every year it gets circulated, and every year we warn people to check their facts before re-posting.
But…did you know…IF you were a LegalShield Member, you could, (before blindly accepting the advice of some nameless ‘attorney’), call your Provider Law Firm and ask them about this notice? No matter how trivial your legal concern is, you can call YOUR attorney and get a REAL answer, and NOT worry about getting the bill!
If you’re not a Member yet, give us a call. We’d be happy to help you fix that!

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