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Education is the key to reducing the impact identity thieves can have on all of us. We offer several ways to obtain more information about identity theft and how to best protect ourselves. Links to some of these resources are available on the menu to the right, but to get you started we’ve compiled a list of tips we feel are important to share.

  1. Learn the difference between Identity theft and credit fraud. Credit fraud accounts for less than 15% of all Identity thefts
  2. Use companies you are already familiar with, or research companies before doing business with them. Be careful who gets your information
  3. Stop most pre-approved credit card offers by calling toll-free 1-888-5OPTOUT or online at
  4. When driving, place valuables on the floor or in the trunk to discourage would-be thieves, especially at gas stations and stoplights
  5. Place outgoing mail in secure collection boxes, or take it directly to the U.S. Post Office. The red flag up on your mail box is a beacon to identity thieves
  6. Don’t give information over the phone unless YOU initiate the call AND you are sure of the person you’re talking to. Beware of anyone offering free gifts
  7. Purchase an IDENTITY theft plan that covers all the angles, including protection AND restoration/repair for you and your entire family
  8. Know your rights. Be stingy with your personal information, and know when you legally do and don’t have to share it. In addition, affordable access to an attorney is a must
  9. We have the best protection plans on the market today. To be effective, your plan needs be in place before you become a VICTIM. Buy your plan today! Call, email, visit our website, or catch us at one of the many local events we attend. us at one of the many local events we attend.





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