The 2 Tropical Gals

Modern solutions, old-fashioned, island-style service (with a smile)!

Who We Are

The 2 Tropical Gals  is the mother/daughter team of Rose & MeShawn. Both are natives of the warm, sunny, tropical island of Guam who now reside on the beautiful Central Coast of California.

Rose started her career in business at age 14 as a bookkeeper for a retail store and eventually found herself working as the Personal Secretary for the Maintenance Manager at Continental/Air Micronesia in Guam. There she met her future husband, had MeShawn, and then found herself in North Hollywood, CA. When MeShawn turned 5 Rose decided to return to the workforce, so she attended the Gribin von Dyl Real Estate Licensing course in Van Nuys, CA, followed by an extensive sales training program, and became a Certified Real Estate Sales Agent in the state of California.

Her husband was transferred back to Guam, where Rose immediately obtained her Guam Real Estate Salesman’s license and went on to spend the next 25 years as a very successful real estate broker and owner/operator of Guam Realty. Rose became a highly respected member of the real estate community, and held the office of President of the Guam Board of REALTORS® (GBR) for a total of 5 years, being the first President to hold office three years in a row. She held numerous positions within the GBR,  was Co-Chair of the Guam Real Estate Commission, Member of NARELLO (National Association of Real Estate License Law Officials), a Member of the Base Realignment and Closure Committee (BRAC), and was instrumental in assisting the Guam Legislature create important documents that are still used in real estate transactions on Guam.

Rose & MeShawn have always been close and throughout Rose’s career, MeShawn accompanied her on appointments as often as was possible. Once old enough, MeShawn obtained her Real Estate Salesman’s license, and went to work at Guam Realty. Both women were very active in the GBR, and held several offices. They both were also elected REALTOR® of the Year, Rose in 1986 and MeShawn in 1997.

MeShawn graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Business Administration, then spent the next seven years managing a military lodging facility, until she found her position being eliminated due to budget cuts. She previously spent three years as a Site Security Manager/CAC operator for a military identification card office, where she was responsible for the security of the private data of thousands of military members and their families. MeShawn was awarded the California Medal of Merit as well as the California Commendation Medal for her meritorious service to the California Army National Guard, and was particularly lauded for adherence to regulation, dedication to data security, and her integrity in handling the over $600k in funds she was entrusted with.

These experiences and many more provide the 2 Tropical Gals with a wealth of practical knowledge to develop a high quality service organization. Our solid history of supporting each other, a drive to succeed, and the best products & services on the market today allows us to fulfill our passion, which is helping people. Let us use our decades of business experience to help guide you to solutions that will protect your rights and the rights of those you care about.

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