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Now Where Did I Put Those Keys?

IDT 3x more likely

Interesting tidbit, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, despite this fact many people still don’t see the need to purchase identity theft protection. We’re always sure to lock our doors at night, yet many of us leave our identities out there, blowing in the wind and just waiting to be snagged by an identity thief. Oh and by the way, children are 35 times more likely than adults to become victims of identity theft.

Sometimes I think it’s a standard case of believing that somehow we’ll be passed over. That identity theft is just something you read about in the news. “It can’t happen to me because I don’t shop online.”, or “What would a thief want with MY identity?!”. Unfortunately there are many ways identity thieves can use your information, and some of those ways can be life-threatening.

Other times, it’s ignorance about what identity theft really is. Many people have been mistakenly led to believe that credit monitoring is enough to protect them from identity theft. The truth is that only 13.4% of all identity thefts in 2012 involved credit. So how are you protecting the other 85% of your identity?

We specialize in identity theft, and every day we spend time staying up to date on identity theft news, and we believe hands-down that the plans we offer are the best plans on the market today. We use these plans ourselves, and know the peace of mind that comes from having the best protection available.

So lock down your identity now. We cannot help you after you become a victim. Contact us to get your protection in place, before your world is turned upside down.

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