The 2 Tropical Gals

Modern solutions, old-fashioned, island-style service (with a smile)!

Meet Our New Mascot!


IMG_20140505_171148Say hello to Ga’chong!

He’s a 5- or 6-week old Brabanter cockerel. Brabanters are a relatively rare breed, so we’re really happy to have this little guy! So far he’s turning out to be a very people-oriented bird who enjoys hanging out with us. He’s also got great instincts when it comes to warning about predators, so we think he’ll slip into his role as flock protector quite nicely. First he gets to be a pet for a while and finish growing up a bit. Besides, he’s fun to have around the house! We hope you enjoy the antics of Ga’chong and his girls as much as we do! 


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